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Expandigo is a startup and our product is therefore still in development. What you currently access is our Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which is our basic but fully working prototype.

Our MVP starts to respond to two time-consuming challenges that companies, principally Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), face on a daily basis. The first challenge is to find the right contact with their accurate and updated details: This task should be simple, but the quality data is often lacking and we spend time chasing the wrong person. The second is to keep your precious contact data up-to-date automatically so that you save time. Each year, contacts move and data quickly becomes obsolete which means that companies spend enormous amounts of time just to update their contact lists.

The Expandigo MVP addresses both of these issues by allowing you to search for and identify the right contact within an organization and efficiently keep your contact data up-to-date. At this stage, we recognise that our MVP is not the final product and that it needs to improve. This is why we need your precious feedback. More specifically, our aim is to create an MVP that fills a niche which is situated between the frustrations of updating an Excel sheet and the overkill of a service such as Salesforce - in other words, create a simple and truly user-friendly contact management tool.

We do not want to stop here: Our objective is to build an easy-to-use and collaborative tool with features that will facilitate your daily workload.

We hope that you find the Expandigo platform useful and welcome any suggestions and recommendations you may have and want to share with us.

Marco Capuano, Co-Founder and CEO
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