The Community Economy

Getting Ready for a Fresh Start

With the many challenges it brought, 2020 is (finally) coming to an end, and we look eagerly ahead to a fresh start in 2021. In my lifetime I can’t recall another time in which the world has come to a halt, our way of life so tested and our resiliency so stretched as it has been this past year.

This year, we’ve all had occasion to miss the people and the patterns of our “normal” lives. In my case, I’ve been missing my usual travel: trips abroad tosee my family of origin and visit new places, as well as professional trips overseas to meet current and potential business partners. Traveling over-seas has always been my way of getting re-energized by discovering new things, meeting new people and developing new ideas. On the other hand, it’s been so nice to spend more time at home with my wife, son and dog. No matter what, I’ve been fortunate that we’ve maintained good health and hadenough resources to weather this storm, whereas many have not.

At work and at home, things have looked very different, and those small and large changes have required seemingly never-ending adjustments. 2020 gave no regard to the industry, size of the business or location; we all had to revise our plans, make rapid changes to our traditional ways of operating and adapt to the new circumstances. The pandemic has negatively impactedour local communities and confirmed how important it is to find a balance between local, regional and global community economies.

But just as there was a positive side the changes in my own “normal”, I be-lieve that we’ve all learned a lot during this time about ourselves, our busi-ness partners, employees, customers, organizations and communities. The turbulence of 2020 has challenged us all to develop new solutions for chang-ing times.

At Expandigo, we’ve been building our start-up company during the pan-demic. It’s been crucial to periodically reassess, as objectively as possible, whether we were still on the right track towards our vision, mission and ob-jectives and how we might rise up to meet the daunting challenges and new barriers that 2020 presented. Like every other company, we’ve had to make quick decisions, take measured risks and pivot our focus when necessary. We’ve had our moments of excitement and euphoria as well as frustration and concern. Sounds like 2020 in a nutshell, right?

No matter what, though, we’ve remained open to each other’s ideas, honest,curious and creative, and collaborative in our interactions. This is the kind of culture we want to have in our company. We always discuss and find a common ground and a way to move forward in the common interest, as a team. We do matter for each other and recognize and appreciate the hard work that we all put to make our business successful. We all bring different skills, personal and professional experiences but all share similar values, work’s ethic and the same objectives. This is one of our strengths and I feel thank-ful and extremely fortunate to work with such great team.

I am excited for what is ahead of us in 2021. We’ll keep assessing our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that our business faces, making changes where we need to improve, challenging ourselves, our part-ners and customers, promoting innovative thinking, making progress and growing. What are your objectives and resolutions for 2021?