Contact Notes Tutorial

Our light CRM offers two important features to help organize your team's communications with each contact: Notes Manager and Notes Sharing.

checklist Notes Manager

To help you and your team track communications, the Notes Manager allows you to add a note to a contact each time you connect.

Once in the notes feature, you'll add the details of your communication. Category documents the type of connection that occurred, such as in-person or email. Next add a Title. Then in Details make any notes that you'd like to remember. When finished, select Add Note to save the message to the thread in chronological order.

You cannot currently edit Details after you've added the note to the contact, but we are working to add that and other new features soon.

notes manager screenshot

forward_to_inbox Notes Sharing

Want to keep your team informed of the newest communication? Click the Mail icon to share the note with other members of your team.

Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or suggestions. We appreciate your feedback!