Expanding Your Business

Expanding Your Business?

With intuitive, topic-based dashboards and AI recommendations, Expandigo overcomes the frustration companies face in finding and connecting to current data, relevant resources, and strategic partners required to grow business.

  • Acquire strategic partners

  • Find relevant data & resources

  • Grow your business

Engage Your Business Clients

Serving Member Businesses?

Engage your members, discover their needs, and promote their success. Design a Business Engagement Portal to deliver powerful data insights, valuable resources, and meaningful connections across a global ecosystem - all matched to the individual business objectives of your members.

  • Engage your members

  • Deliver powerful data insights

  • Promote member success

Pricing Tiers

Two Package Options to Support Your Specific Needs

  • Basic
  • Expandigo Basic

    $0 / m

  • Single User
  • Basic Company Profile
  • AI Assisted Business Research
  • Limited Company Intel Expansions
  • Unlimited Business Channels
  • Unlimited
  • Expandigo Unlimited

    $29 / m

  • Multiple Users
  • Premier Company Profile & Analytics
  • AI Assisted Business Research
  • Unlimited Company Intel Expansions
  • Unlimited Business Channels

Introducing Expandigo

AI Powered To Help Your Business Achieve Success

Introducing Expandigo

For companies to achieve success, they must quickly find and connect to the information, resources and markets that align with their objectives. Yet existing solutions make that costly, time consuming and incomplete. Traditional search creates noise and lacks objectivity. Social networks optimize for “who you know” over business value. And in between are directories, aggregators or referral services with partial or out-of-date data. Today’s businesses require more objective, relevant and complete research so they can quickly find and connect to information and each other. Powered by AI, Expandigo makes it fast and easy to manage business relationships and expand opportunities by finding and staying connected to the data, resources and companies needed to achieve stated objectives.

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